Polish humoristic fantasy and science fiction writer. According to university degree an archeologist.

Debuted in 1996 with short story Hiena, first appearence of Jakub Wędrowycz - an alcoholic, civil exorcist - who later become a character of many short stories gathered in 5 books.

In 2002 he got Janusz A. Zajdel Award for short story Kuzynki (Cousins), extended later into book and sequels. Kuzynki, Księżniczka (Princess) and Dziedziczki portray the adventures of 3 women: an over 1000-years old teenage vampire, a 300-year old alchemist-szlachcianka, and her relative, a former Polish secret agent from CBŚ (Polish 'FBI'). A recurring character in the series alchemist Michał Sędziwój, and the universe is the same as the one of Wędrowycz (who makes appearances from time to time).