Dead of the Union, a harrowing tale that sweeps the reader into the heart of the American Civil War, tells the story of three very different people trying to survive not only the horrors of battle and the terror of the living dead, but also themselves. A soldier, a widow, and a spy, are tangled in a hideous knot that threatens not just North or South, but the entire country. The dead are walking, and they don't care what side you are on. A desperate general makes a deal with the dark side. A Voodoo priest looses control of Baron Samedi, the Loa of the Dead. A young Irish soldier flees in horror from the spreading mist that causes the dead to rise. A double agent for the Confederacy can out gun the zombie horde, but he can't outrun the voices in his head. A widow who buried her daughter and grandchild only a month before is on the verge of suicide when she finds a new kind of battle on her doorstep. Can they work together and survive the flood of the dead? Will there be anything left if they do?