Our oldest has brought home various You Choose books from her elementary school library.And now at our local library we've discovered some of the books from the original Choose Your Own Adventure series that I read when I was a child.I remember loving books like this in my childhood and I am excited that our girls are discovering them as well.

This book focuses on war and conflct in ancient China during the Tang Dynasty, with marauding Mongolians and a Chinese warrior named Li Shi-min. Many of the paths took us on a bloody journey that we could hardly imagine, but the stories were dramatic and exciting.This story has more of an historical context than some of the others in the series, but it was a bit too brutal for our tastes.

Overall, these are entertaining, though sometimes graphically violent stories.I tend to prefer the "You Choose" series because they have an educational and historical context, but the books in this series are interesting, too.We enjoyed reading this book together.

interesting quote:

"We humans seem to have a capacity for cruelty against ourselves that goes beyond anything in the animal kingdom, if you get my meaning." (p. 62)