Chloe and Bersheba's Dungeon, is the second book in The Chloe Smith Adventure Series. In this edition you will ALSO recieve the first book in the series The Princess of a Aurora which is rated 5* on Amazon and was rated 4 and 5* on Kobo.

Chloe and Bersheba's Dungeon tells the story of Chloe and her first visit and adventure in the magical war torn land of Aurora. The story tells of how Chloe forms a special bond with the fairy boy Leafly, discovers her own very special magical gift, and how she finally rescues her mother and grandfather from Bersheba's dungeon.

Chloe and Bersheba's Dungeon is written with the aim of stimulating a childs imagination, hopefully encouraging them to find a great interest, and the magical love of reading. The story deals with difficult issues such as bullying and death.

The author Charmain Marie Mitchell lives on the south coast of the UK with her four children, husband, two cats, and countless chickens. This is the sixth eBook Charmain has published, but only the second in the children stories genre, the third in the series of Chloe eBooks will be available late summer 2013. Charmain welcomes all reviews, and can be followed on twitter @charmain_m