Clean Eating for Weight loss
Modern word is quick. Everything is happening and changing rapidly. As with the fast moving era we have moved very fast towards fast food. I am not against fast food. I too love it. But I feel it is the time to take few steps back and take an overview of our eating habits and then think what kind of processed food and products we are consuming on the name of food.
As the rule is simple “don’t eat what your grandparents and great grandparents not recognised as food”. Or simply what they don’t use to eat.
So in this book I put traditional Indian vegetarian recipes to give to the health and energy level that you deserve. You will find mouth-watering food in this is book which is really easy to cook. Some of the dishes from this book are following as
Green garm curry
Raw banana fry
Beetroot curry
Cauliflower curry
Apart from the detailed guide to make recipes you will also find the benefits of each recipe and used ingredients. This is really a simple guide to take control on your health. I know some of you may think that “oh! Indian food is complex”. That normal but trust me give this book a shot. You will find that it is just a myth.
So if you want to go on cleanse or just want to enjoy healthy vegetarian food then this book is for you.