Contemporary Romance, book 3 of the Natural Beauty series.

Daisy Mooring is queen of the boondocks dorks. Just ask her ex-husband. Married at eighteen and divorced by twenty-two, the Carolina girl is all washed up at quarter-life. She’s the resident wallflower at Natural by Nicolette, and spends her days at the cosmetics company going mostly unnoticed, quietly observing and leaving the talking to her loud-mouthed mother. But when she accidentally blurts out during the staff retreat that she’d marry a sexy foreigner so he could stay in the country, all that attention she’d been shunning for so long catches up to her at once.

Ben Thys actually doesn’t need any help staying in the US, but now that the pretty redheaded soap maker is on his radar, he can’t stop thinking of the possibilities. The Belgian national could have the life his American big brother has: the home, the friends, the job. A sweet little wife would just be icing on the cake.

But Daisy’s been burned before by a man who claimed to love her. It doesn’t matter if Ben could be the beginning of her fresh start if she can’t clean her slate of the past.