First module in the Bushido series for Legend of the Five Rings. Notably the volume includes a sneak preview for "The Way of the Mantis" which would not be published as an independent clan book, but rather as "The Way of the Minor Clans".

Double-fold screen/cover with maps plus a booklet.

From the publisher's blurb:
Helping out a friend leads to intrigue, danger, romance & finally murder. A blood feud leads to a dreadful choice - on one hand, personal humiliation, dishonor & death. On the other, a terrible threat to a samurai’s greatest duty. This is a challenge, not to arms & will, but to a samurai’s soul.

Notes from the back cover:

Suitable for 3-6 mid-level (ranks 2-4) player characters.

Filled with danger and mystery, Code of Bushido can be used independently or as part of an ongoing campaign.

Requires a copy of the Legend of the Five Rings basic rules

Plus, a special sneak preview: Way of the Mantis.