Do you believe that life is something that happens to you, as opposed to an experience that

should be lived to its fullest potential? Or, do you know someone who holds this belief? If so, then this book is for you.

David Anderson breaks down the use and misuse of the term Common Sense, as well as techniques that can be applied to everyday life. Leveraging his background in comedy and entertainment, he unapologetically shares his experiences and philosophies. Filled with powerful quotes from some of our greatest thinkers and entertainers, the book explores the beauty of mankind’s
achievements, as well as the ugliness of its bad decisions.David shows how both the beauty and ugliness tie back to the application (or misapplication) of “Common Sense.” Learn how to master Common Sense and reach your dreams.

•Exercise the Common Sense muscle

•Set your imagination free

•Defeat the Doubt Monster

•Take back the power given to obstacles

•Surround yourself with positive people

•Choose advisors based on qualifications (not DNA)

•Capitalize on discoveries

•Make the “impossible” possible