Common Sense Parenting classes work And we've got the research to prove it. If you help parents improve their parenting skills, you'll want this comprehensive package that includes all the information and materials needed to offer the best training available. The kit includes: - Trainer's Manual with class content and exercises, home assignments, role-play situations, and evaluation forms.

- Parent's Manual with information, examples, and exercises for each parenting skill.

- Training Video, 55 minutes long, with 85 vignettes setting up problem situations and modeling good parenting skills.

- Parent Recruitment Video containing two 9-minute videos to help you introduce Common Sense Parenting to parents and parent-serving organizations.

- 24 Parent Skill Cards, plastic wallet-sized reminders of four essentials parenting skills: Effective Praise, Corrective and Preventive Teaching, and Teaching Self-Control.

- 24 Completion Certificates to award to participating parents.