My objective is to help women increase their awareness of risks and threats, while giving you effective countermeasures to prevail in the event of an attempted assault. At the start of each chapter on defensive techniques are everyday real life events that serve to caution. We or someone we love may stand just a moment away from a life altering situation. Our defense concepts are simple and focus on the tried and true elements of traditional martial arts training. Attack the weaker parts of the aggressor's body with the stronger parts of yours. Our defense strategies are strength, size and gender neutral. The main focus of our training centers on attacking a perpetrator's vital areas such as eyes, nose, ears, throat, groin, and solar plexus. Common Sense Self-Defense focuses on: * Basic and intermediate self-defense skills (strikes, escapes, improvised weapons and verbal commands) * Characteristics of an attacker * Characteristics of a victim * Strategies to decrease your odds of being attacked * Strategies to increase your odds of survival if you are attacked Risk reduction is like self esteem, it doesn't need anyone's permission but yours. Take control. Empower yourself today!