Beginning art students as well as experienced practicing artists constantly seek information and advice on materials and equipment to help them expand on their skills and further develop their various techniques. Here is a big one-volume directory that shows and describes virtually everything for every graphic artist—from simple charcoal pencils to easels and canvas-stretching equipment. All items are illustrated in color photos, and examples of how all materials are used are shown in drawings and reproduced paintings. Cataloged in this book are—
charcoal and colored pencils sanguine chalks and pencils charcoal sticks crayons pastel chalks inks and pens paint brushes of all shapes and sizes palettes and palette knives dry pigments oil paints watercolors and gouache paints acrylics varnishes and paint solvents papers of different textures drawing pads for different media canvases and stretching frames easels cutting tools sponges brush and equipment cleaners
The book's final section shows examples of how to use these many different materials in finished paintings and drawings.