Quit playing the game!aAll humans, by "nature," are doomed to play an unwinnable game which looks remarkably like the harmless game of Rock/Paper/Scissors, but is, in reality, played out with the weapons of domination, manipulation, and intimidation.aFor those who want to learn to let go of the reins of control so they can be put in the hands of one who is infinitely more capable, the Lord, this book will be both enlightening and beneficial.aLike the game of Rock/Paper/Scissors, there are no real winners; only victims who feel crushed, cut, or covered by the processOCoor ominously empowered by it.aa What is the solution?aTo quit playing the game altogether!aHow?aBy recognizing and repenting of the game-playing.aGod does not OC play the gameOCOOCoindeed, control is not in Him at all.aThrough Him, humans can be transformed until the game of control gives way to a life of mutual submissionOCothe "dance" of relationship rather than the dissonance of control.