Copywriting Wizardry: Learn How to write Spellbinding Headlines
Whether you are writing a blog post, an advert, a newsletter or a book, without a doubt the headline is the most important thing outside of the actual content. What you do with your content is out of the scope of this book, but if you haven't got it, the first book in the Art of Writing series, 'Copywriting: Learn the Secrets to Words that Sell' is a good place to start.
What you will learn from this book
When I began writing this book I never imagined that I could write nearly 12,000 words just about headlines! I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

The book is split into categories based upon the type of headline you are looking to create. It goes through many types of headline that can be applied to almost any situation and audience. I have given many examples, not only of good headlines, but also weaker ones that have been improved upon. Hopefully this will help you to learn & develop the process of taking a weak headline, (and by applying the lessons in this book), turn them into spellbinding headlines that weave their magic on your traffic.
How to Use Copywriting Wizardry
There is no right or wrong way of reading this book. You can go from start to finish or pick a section that grabs your attention and dive right in.

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Thank you for your support - Jack