Katherine Scheirber, a single immigration attorney living in Tucson, finds herself falling in love with a handsome deputy, Dave. Every day he risks his life fighting the drug cartels and protecting the U.S. border. Katherine's brother, Eric, and his family are forced to relocate to Arizona after learning his company is downsizing. Kaitlyn, Eric's daughter, is devastated by news of the move and the prospect of leaving her boyfriend and her high school to start over in Tucson. As she is packing to move, she comes across a mysterious diary written decades ago. Kaitlyn becomes fascinated with the story of a young girl escaping Communist Russia in the early 1900's to journey to the United States. One day, the lives of all the characters change because of one fateful event. What will become of Katherine and Dave's romance? How will Eric's new position in Arizona work out for his family? Will Kaitlyn adapt to life in Tucson? Who is the girl in the diary and what does she have to do with Kaitlyn's life? Find out in Coyote Patrol!