This reminiscence of daily life on a Southern plantation during the Civil War was originally published in 1888. The book is filled with vivid details of everything from methods of making dyes and preparing foods to race relations and the effects of the war. A Blockaded Family is an unusual and beautifully-written primary source of Southern life inside the blockade, told from a point of view that is decidedly different from most post-war accounts. Contents Include: Beginnings of the Secession Movement A Negro Wedding Devices Rendered Necessary by the Blockade How the South Met a Great Emergency War Time Scenes on an Alabama Plantation Southern Women Their Ingenuity and Courage How Cloth was Dyed How Shoes, Thread, Hats and Bonnets Were Manufactured Homespun Dresses Home-Made Buttons and Pasteboard Uncle Ben Aunt Phillis and her Domestic Trials Knitting around the Fireside Tramp, Tramp of the Spinners Weaving Heavy Cloth Expensive Prints "Blood Will Tell" Substitutes for Coffee Raspberry