I wanted to be a flight attendant ever since I first saw Stewardesses in the mid 50's when we picked my aunt and uncle up at Midway Airport - can you say spectator shoes?I did get a job with TWA in 1963 but I was under 21 and decided to gain seniority by working in the reservations office.When I was old enough I was hired by both American Airlines and TWA but my fiancé said "No way." I ended my career as a ticket agent after 13 years. This book made me realize that perhaps even in the 1960's I might not have lasted.

The book shows with humor how a flight attendant trains, struggles learning the ropes, lives in strange places without family, time off, very little money, and most importantly dealing with those crazy passengers.

I recommend this book to anyone who travels so you will have more respect for the men and women on board your flight that is trained to keep you safe not just there to serve you a drink and a bag of pretzels.