"Vaguely reminiscent of Jarman's Jubilee, a surprisingly raw Bizarro fable about exploitation. Wholeheartedly recommended." – Garrett Cook, author of Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective and Time Pimp

On the fringe of an acceptable society, Pete’s a cucumber-headed punk whose thoughts of rebellion against the social order frustrate him to no end. Sometimes, there’s a shortage of tomato sauce. But there’s no shortage of fear for the Veg-heads, as they’re hunted down to satisfy the Norms and their consumer culture…

More Praise for Cucumber Punk

"Fruit-headed punks trying to stay off the menu in a weird hungry world. The food pyramid crashes into the social ladder in Cucumber Punk." – David W. Barbee, author of A Town Called Suckhole

"P.A. Douglas doesn't mince words as pickle hungry lumberjacks clash with vegetable-headed gutter punks in this urban allegory. Brimming with action-packed chase scenes, a cucumber and tomato's budding romance, and a dash of anarchy all wrapped up in story that could be read as a rallying cry against minority persecution." - J.W. Wargo, author of Avoiding Mortimer

"Beneath the gonzo punk sheen of ‘Cucumber Punk’ lives a scathing social commentary about the myopia of discrimination and the corrosion of social order. P. A. Douglas conveys this heavy message with a sense of pure joy and insanity, ensuring a reading experience that never fails to exhilarate. Try eating a vegetable afterward without feeling even a tiny bit guilty." - Matthew Revert, author of The Tumors made me Interesting

"P. A. Douglas delivers a fast, brutal, and oddly sweet tale of vegetable repression and exploitation. But don't take my word for it. Pick it up and read it now!" - Erik Williams, author of Bigfoot Crank Stomp

"Cucumber Punk gives a taste of outsider community culture gone bloody and bizarro" – Bizarrocast