I loved the concept for this book: explore the different ways of forming a sermon, whether by genre, flow, or perspective.I was fairly pleased with the description of these "patterns" presented in the book.The sermons themselves, were, with a small handful of exceptions, disappointing.My own religious background is in conservative evangelical/restorationist churches, which tend to offer at least moderately insightful and in-depth Bible-based preaching (though not especially creative preaching).The sermons in this book—from mainline liberal churches like the Disciples of Christ and United Methodist Church—were fairly creative, but tasted like weak tea.They were vague and felt like theynever quite got to the point they should have been making.What I would love to read (and what I aspire to in my own preaching) are sermons that are at once creative, moving, and theologically compelling (N.T. Wright's Following Jesus comes to mind).Verdict: good concepts, poor content.