Self-Publishing Made Simple is a plainspoken, nuts and bolts instruction booklet to help guide learning, non-tech-savvy authors through a maze of confusing information. Written in everyday language for those who, in the author's words, "...grew up with sporadic access to a rusty old Royal typewriter (with an 'e' that always typed midway up the line) and a gummy bottle of Liquid Paper," Self-Publishing Made Simple was designed for those who were born well before public use of the term online.

The information provided within is based on steps the author took as she transitioned from traditional publishing to self-publishing, and includes not only the following topics:
• Avoiding questionable publishers
• Registering for an Employee Identification Number
• Choosing a business identity
• Buying ISBNs
• Registering copyrights
• Choosing publishing and distribution venues: Kindle
Direct Publishing, Smashwords and affiliates, Lulu,
CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Google Play,
AllRomance/Omnilit, and Penguin's Book Country are
discussed in detail.

But also these:
• Simplified, step-by-step manuscript formatting
instructions for Kindle Direct Publishing
• Simplified, step-by-step manuscript formatting
instructions for Smashwords (including requirements for
Premium Catalogue distribution)
• Formatting tips, clarification, and links to free
templates to use in preparing a manuscript for
• Formatting for Google Play and AllRomance/Omnilit

The author is working in Microsoft Word 2010, so formatting instructions are specific to that program. If you’re working in an earlier version of Word the terms and commands will be the same, but the locations on the toolbar may be different. If you’re working in HTML code or using a Mac, the chapters on formatting your document may not be very helpful to you.

Helpful links are provided throughout the manual for easy online access to the sites and directions discussed within.