The key character, Angela MacLeod, is a young woman growing up in New Zealand with a love of all things English. This was triggered by an overheard conversation in which her mother revealed she had once been engaged to marry a titled Old Etonian. Captivated by this news, Angela is inspired to pursue what her mother had failed to achieve.
Despite the distance between New Zealand and England and the differences in upbringing and social background, this unlikely scenario becomes a reality.
Angela, a vivacious nineteen –year-old, sails for England in the early 1960s. After a catalogue of misadventures with mature aristocrats in England, ironically, Angela does find the love of her life back in New Zealand in the person of the dashing Earl of Bravington, bearer of four titles, whom she marries and produces two sons.
Hilariously, they travel the world together until an unexpected inheritance is squandered, the marriage fails and Angela goes from riches to rags.
The book is peopled by wittily drawn characters and events in an international setting. It includes a darkly mysterious middle-European multi-millionaire, Angela becoming his weakness. The action moves to the United States and by the millennium Angela is questioned over a murder, which brings her sharply to reality.
Throughout, Angela remains true to herself and despite an opportunity to marry a thoroughly suitable man, she never wavers from her mission in life – her search for that ever elusive destiny……………………………………….
Lifelong New Zealand friends Jainey Bolingbroke and Jane Scott wrote Only Four Titles Left after Jainey fought and survived cancer.
A Viscountess herself, Jainey's title dates from the time of William the Conqueror and is regarded as one of England's oldest and most renowned titles. Henry Bolingbroke, born in Bolingbroke Castle in Lincolnshire, deposed Richard II to rule England from 1399 to 1413 as King Henry IV.
Jainey Bolingbroke lives in Christchurch, New Zealand; Jane Scott in Sydney, Australia.