From the authors website:

I studied macrobiotics in nineteen eighty in London and went to the USA to study with Michio Kushi, Aveline Kushi, Shizuko Yamamoto and Denny Waxman. Whilst there I ran the Macrobiotic Association of Philadelphia. Returning to London I became the director of London's Community Health Foundation, the leading macrobiotic centre in the UK, from 1986 to 1993. I co-authored ‘Against All Odds’ with Dr. Faulkner charting his macrobiotic recovery from Pancreatic cancer. I regularly hosted courses for Michio and Aveline Kushi and Shizuko Yamamoto.

Whilst at the Community Health Centre I ran the fist large feng shui courses in the UK with William Spear and Takashi Yoshikawa. I left the CHF in 1993 to persue a freelance career in feng shui, macrobiotics, face reading and shiatsu living in London and travelling thoughout the UK, Europe and USA.

Since 1993 I have worked as a macrobiotic consultant, macrobiotic teacher, feng shui teacher, feng shui consultant and shiatsu practitioner. I have written numerous books including ‘Practical Feng Shui’, ‘The Practical Art of Face Reading’, ‘The Chi Energy Workbook’, 'Modern Day Macrobiotics', 'The Feng Shui Bible' 'Astrology by Numbers' 'Practical Wabi Sabi' and ‘The Energy Booster Workout’. I am currently involved in the macrobiotic shop Luscious Organic in Kensington High Street with my wife Dragana.

I offer one to one training days in feng shui, macrobiotics and shiatsu. These are flexible and can be adapted to what ever you are looking for. I also provide consultations in feng shui, nine ki astrology and macrobiotics as well as shiatsu massage sessions in London. I also work as a feng shui expert, face reader and macrobiotic expert for the media.

My appraoch is friendly, open and positive. I take a non judgemental approach to my work with people and my emphasis is on empowering my clients in their lives rather than risk enslaving anyone to any doctrine.

I am a member of the Feng Shui Society of Great Britain, the Macrobiotic Association of Great Britain and the Shiatsu Society of Great Britain and abide by their proffessional ethics.