Update (11/16/12): halfway through. author has spent a whole lot of time hand-holding through interview techniques, when I wanted to be hand-held through design principles. I'm also peeved that of all the fake characters I've read about, the only two females were (1) a nagging wife, and (2) an assistant named Kendra. None of the business owners, management team, database developers, etc. The upside is that it was written in 1997 and so contains some beautiful passages like:
p. 80 "He owns a computer but uses it mainly to play games, write letters, and "surf the 'net."
p. 94 "When they are satisfied that they understand the mission objectives and that the list is relatively complete, commit the list to a document in your favorite word processor and save it for later use."

Update (Fall 2012): Found it under my bed. Awesome.

Original (Spring 2012): I don't know where this went! I bought it in the first week of January and put it down and now it's not anywhere. Man!