The Secret Lunch Special Emily loves her shiny black lunch bag—the jewels, the way it sparkles. But one day a new school bus picks her up, and in the confusion she forgets her lunch bag on the bus. Will she get a ticket, like that loud girl Vincetta Louise said? Or will Emily be forced to eat the Secret Lunch Special?
From fickle friendships to mystery meat, kids everywhere will identify with Emily as she navigates the rough waters of second grade.

No More Pumpkins

Emily is tired of pumpkins. At school she and her friend Vincetta Louise have been doing pumpkin math, pumpkin field trips, and pumpkin writing. Can’t they just carve jack-o-lanterns? But even this ends up being an assignment: The kids have to make pumpkin self portraits.
Then something happens to Emily’s jack-o-lantern, and her friendship with Vinni is tested. Will the two girls get past their quarrel? And will they ever want to see a pumpkin again?