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How to avoid the costly trap of the "Debt Settlement" companies. According to Dave Ramsey these companies have the highest complaint level with the Federal Trade Commission. You can do it yourself at no cost! Follow the steps John Warner used to settle over $200,000. In his case, he owed $211,209 in consumer debt. He ended up paying $33,629 to settle all accounts, which meant he had $177,580 forgiven. This meant he only paid 15.92% of the total debt. Had he used one debt settlement company which he had looked into, they would have charged him a fee of 10% of the amount they saved him which would have been $17,758. So, his total to settle his debt would have been $51,387. By doing it himself, he was able to save that $17,758 fee.

Realistically, most of the companies advertise they can get you to 25% of the total, which would have meant he would have had to pay $52,000 plus their $15,920 fee for a total of $67,920.

The Results
Credit card amounts and settlements.

Due Paid %
Card #1 Company A $49,716 $4,972 10.0%
Card #2 Company B $14,023 $2,804 20.0%
Card #3 Company B $10,822 $2,164 20.0%
Card #4 Company B $8,222 $1,644 20.0%
Card #5 Company B $3,036 $607 20.0%
Card #6 Company C $39,348 $4,000 10.1%
Card #7 Company C $12,556 $3,900 31.0%
Card #8 Company C $1,242 $500 40.2%
Card #9 Company D $39,517 $6,322 16.0%
Card #10 Company D $27,672 $5,534 20.0%
Card #11 Company E $226 $170 75.4%
Card #12 Company F $2,309 $589 25.5%
Card #13 Company G $2,514 $628 25.0%

Total Consumer Debt $211,203

Amount Paid $33,834

Amount Forgiven $177,369

Percent Paid 16.0%

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