This is a great book. Recommended for all ages. Great pictures and plot based on friendship, truth, sharing, emotion and empathy. This book should be in any classroom and home library. Timeless classic.

This is one of many books my parents bought me. After years I kept thinkig about it. Sadly my parents gave away all my childhood books. In my twenties I asked a question on beacuse I didn't know the title or the author and was given an answer in a matter of minutes. I then bought a used copy on amazon and joyfully re-read it. This is my favourite childhood book!

I'm not exactly sure why I love this book so much. It's very simple about a Lion who keeps trying to prove to his 'friends' in the jungle about the cold stuff. Or maybe because when I was a child it was the only book that I loved to read over and over again in bed. I'm not sure what it is... but I'm glad I found it!