George is unpopular. It’s his birthday and even his ‘closest’ – and only – friend doesn’t want to come to his birthday party in fear of his reputation! Even his granddad blows him out and instead goes to get his hair cut, leaving poor George with an old bottle of aftershave, way past its sell-by-date.
But George takes it in a positive manner, thinking maybe it was like wine or something – the longer you leave it, the better it gets. A smart move.
Because as George opens the bottle, the world is alive – birds singing, dogs barking, the sun vibrant, illuminating the atmosphere. With a just a dab of it, George is pleased. Perfect Paula wants to walk him to class; Perfect Paula who makes an excuse to comment on him, his clothes, his luminous yellow backpack, EVERY day. And, then all the girls want to sit next to him. Even the head wants to make him hot chocolate! But, then it gets out of hand, as Tiny and some others try to steal the bottle and it all leaks out. And Daniella, the girl he originally wanted to impress, doesn’t want to know because he’s changed. He’s not the same boy she had a (secret-) crush on anymore.
I thought this was a good read. It was quick and taught a valuable lesson. It also made me laugh out loud in some parts. I especially liked the part when, at the end, Daniella gave George the exact same bottle of aftershave that she found in bargain shop, because she noticed that he had something similar a couple of months ago – but what she didn’t know is that’s what made him so popular and unattractive to her!