Destiny's Way took me a while, but it's not because it was uninteresting.The book is very complex, but not too much so.When you have a universe as complex as the Star Wars Universe, and at the same time, you have a story as complex as the New Jedi Order series, it would be very easy to let it get away from you.

The series is very story-driven, but there is an incredible amount of detail.Some authors tend to put way too much into their books, but this isn't one of them.There is simply too much story in the book to stuff it full of extra detail.Some important things happen, and since this is getting towards the end of the series, things are going to start to finish up.You don't really get that feeling.

Fighting sequences are frantic, but the author is able to pull back and make diplomatic scenes interesting and compelling, using those to set up the battle scenes.Which let's be honest, is how wars are.It's not just indiscriminate fighting, but the politicians have a goal in mind, and they are using the military to accomplish those goals.The wrench in this war is that the Vong are fighting a holy war.This adds an aspect to Star Wars that has not been around before this series.Jedi/Sith wars can be said to be holy wars, as well but it is a different dynamic between the Yuuzhan Vong's religion and the Force.

In terms of the series, I think that this one is well written, but not to the same extent as some others.There are several that move faster and are more exciting than this one, and some that just drag.This does neither, but it is an indispensable part of the series for some of the events that take place.