It's about Mickey Mouse and his friends playing throughout the day. There are letter on the top of the pages and then things that go with the letters throughout the pages are labeled. Some things that are labeled are animals, plants, toys, actions, and emotions.

In Chapter 5 the textbook said how alphabet books usually are done by different words. Which is fine but in this story the one thing it doesn't do is teach them all the sounds each later can do. It is more simplified so that it is more understandable to younger children. Like the book said even if the younger children do not fully understand or comprehend everything in the book it is a good to introduce the concepts of the alphabet and start triggering them to want to learn more.

Personally I liked the book. I like that there was variation in the pictures and words used for the learning of the alphabet. Variation is always good because the you can introduce much more to the young readers such and noises like Quack! Quack! or the gestures like Wink! Wink! I think it would be good for the younger readers and for the older kids that are learning to read such as the descriptive words that are labeling the illustrations.