Cute Poems! The photos help with the telling of the poems( a very nice idea).Some of the poems really are not complete without the pictures. Reading this book in class would allow an opportunity for the teacher to do something similar with their students. You could have them create a true mixed media piece of art, visual and literary. One could take this a step farther with the older child and add music to the poem reading. The children could do thisindividually or multiple students could do the different art parts separately and then combine. The book is different. The poems are varied in their content and the way they are presented on the page. The addition at the back, The Language of Poetry, defines the different kinds of poems such as Free Verse, Haiku and also important words as Couplet and Rhyme. There is also a glossary,internet sites, and other suggestions of books to read.


Black tube hiding
Inside yellow wrapping
Leaves a trail of letters, stories,