Doctor Who and the Underworld is a Tom Baker and Leela adventure and I have to say it was totally enjoyable. The book restored my faith in Terrance Dicks as a Doctor Who writer. The novelisation had lots of interesting back story about the Time Lords deciding to play god with a humanoid race they came across and how it all went terribly wrong! For an old who there was quite a bit of interesting philosophy here. The Time Lords had given a race technology and they used it to destroy themselves, but before they did they sent off two spaceships, one full of genetic material to rebuild their society, and another to take that ship to their new planet. But things went terribly wrong and they'd lost each other for 100,000 years when the Doctor and Leela arrived. This book did remind me what a great companion Leela was, totally capable, a little bloodthirsty and quite fun. I liked this ship full of people who'd been regenerating for millenia and hated it, the planet full of slaves (even if the mad computer was a touch original Star Trek)But all told I thought it was interesting and fun and I shall definitely have to watch the episode.