I really liked this volume. Remembered picking it up while I was visiting Singapore again and started reading it while I was on the MRT. Read 'UPGRADING' and started laughing. Couldn't help myself. Poetry can sometimes be quite heavy but Pang has a way with words and this piece was quite funny.

Sample lines:
I want a bedroom so capacious I can park a Jaguar in it.

Two Jaguars. I want it large enough to be a local oddity, a tourist
attraction, the subject of awe and envy, a heritage site.

So huge, developers will knock on my heavy door, asking to turn
my land into condos for profit, and I will gleefully refuse.

As you can see, he's quite entertaining. ;p Another one of my favourites is "S.WHILE IN THERAPY". The first line reads : Leapt from another tall building today. You could probably already guess who this is about.

Though containing quite a few humourous poems, it does contain some serious poetry. It's a good volume to pick up and enjoy and revisit. Particularly if you've been to Singapore and this part of the world. :D