ok so I just read this incredible book, and I'm wondering why it barely exists - like zero reviews, none of my friends have read it... (except Max, who found it on the shelf at Lesbian Herstory Archives). I feel like this should be a classic in my community! Bulkin, a powerful writer and activist (who I know for her co-authored book Yours In Struggle) gives a deeply generous account of her process of dealing with sexual trauma and the way that her healing process related to her work as a writer, an activist, and how she impacted and was impacted by her intimate relationships with daughter, partner, and friends. Bulkin writes about her work in New Jewish Agenda and with the Jewish feminist journal Bridges, among other parts of her life. This book is a great comfort to read because of the brutal honesty as Bulkin looks at her own life, her choices, and her recovery process. You can find it for purchase online.