With the help of e-RPG: Building AS/400 Web Applications with RPG—a revolutionary new book from Midrange Computing—you can develop fully functional e-business solutions using nothing more than your existing knowledge of RPG and the Web facilities already included in OS/400. There's no need to learn Java, Visual Basic, Perl, or even Visual RPG Step-by-step, author Bradley V. Stone shows you how to: Build Web applications using RPG, create Web pages in HTML, enhance the interactivity of your web pages with JavaScript (not to be confused with the Java programming language), set up your AS/400 as an HTTP server, use RPG to write Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs, write an RPG program to output dynamic HTML to a browser, create Web-based reports from AS/400 data, read input entered on a web page into your RPG program, use ILE to enhance the functionality and maintainability of your web programs, debug an e-RPG program, use dynamic OPNQRYF sorts and selections for your web page, build a full-function e-commerce application in RPG, and more e-RPG: Building AS/400 Web Applications with RPG comes with a CD-ROM that contains full source code for examples given in the book, including binder language source for service programs; /COPY prototype source; DDS for physical files, logical files, and external data structures; HTML source; HTML images; module source; and complete RPG source for all e-RPG programs.