This is only book six in this series of 14 books. I am currently reading book 10. This series is so hard to put down. The suspense is very intriguing.

Aislinn and Dylan are confused at first about their guides. They soon learn to trust them and Aislinn realizes that she actually knows one of the guides. If I tell you more about the guides then I would be giving away a major spoiler about the book and I honestly cannot do that.

The flow from book five to book six is perfect. Who ever took this huge book and turned it into a series of short novellas did an amazing work.

The characters Aislinn and Dylan creep into your thought and refuse to release your mind until you are reading the next book in this series.

While at work on my lunch hour one day someone was trying to talk to me about a problem. I actually shushed the person, told them I was reading this amazing book and was not interested in helping to fix any problem on the line. That is how into this book I am. Since I work in the automotive industry, I need to focus on work problems while at work but this book has me in its grips and is refusing to release my mind until I finish. However I honestly do not know what I am going to do when I finish this series. I hope to find another book by these amazing two authors to read.

Thanks for another great read Diana and Gabriella.