The art world has a longstanding respect for and fascination with artists' sketchbooks. It is within those pages that we get true insight into process—the labor and intensity that constitute a work of art. In the 1960s, this interest in exploration flourished and established drawing as an art form in and of itself. This exhibition catalogue for Kelly's recent show of drawings contains selections from over 20 years of the artist's notebooks including sketches made on magazine advertisements, newspaper clippings, maps, Sno-Cone wrappers, and telegrams. Tablet reveals an artist usually associated with monochromatic forms to be vitally, and sometimes even hilariously, engaged in the everyday world.Edited by Catherine de Zegher.

Introduction by Yve-Alain Bois and Yves Aupetitallot.

Hardcover, 13 x 9.75 in./208 pgs / 188 color.