All is not what it seems as Sahara is about to discover when she tries to find out why Go’el is blocking her communication with Amara.

Go’el’s new found power has changed the young Guardian, but not in the way that was foreseen in the ancient scrolls. Romero and Wu Xiong are first to be alerted to the new danger and come together in a bid to discover the true meaning of the scrolls that depicted Go’el as becoming the most powerful being in the Universe. Wu Xiong brings in the assistance of an Iranian ancient language expert to assist and is dismayed to find that the parchment was one of a pair.

While Amara tries to settle in Oman, Go’el’s mother Cassandra plots with Klaus to open the casks and release Barak. While unbeknown to Go’el, Barak is in the background trying desperately to take hold of the power his son now possesses. Things take a turn for the worst as Go’el fights to keep his identity as the power within him starts to drown him.

Meanwhile Barak continues to cause mayhem, this time in Romero’s back yard. He orchestrates a string of terrorists to blow up three prime targets in London that leaves half the city destroyed while Sahara tries desperately to interpret the second scroll and find a way to save Go’el.

Things get so desperate that Romero finds he must once again ask Phenomie to intervene, knowing the sacrifice that he will have to be made if she does agree to step in and stop Barak becoming the most powerful being in the Universe.