Two people from two different planets, will collide in the ultimate soul binding experience...

Thea is a very conservative type of character in that she works hard and leads a very independent life. She's also very loyal to her friends, so when her two best friends declare their love for each other and decide to get married, she's immediately in maid of honor mode and all of the duties and responsibilities that that position entails. If that means she has to engage in battle and singing competitions with whoever will be representing the groom, well then that's what she will do. No matter how reluctant she is.

Hathir is a very masculine champion gladiator with an ego to match. After so many years of living a life of solitude and spending nights in the arms of women he cares nothing for, Hathir has decided that finding the one person who literally has the other half of his soul is impossible. He relegates himself to continuing his life as the champion until he sees the object of his souls affection on the arm of a fellow gladiator.

I was thoroughly impressed with the imagination it took to create this story. The world and characters are very unique and the situation that both Thea and Hathir find themselves in is very engaging to read. I was so immersed in the story, that I was disappointed that it ended so early. It felt like there was so much more story to tell about not only the main characters but also about the world itself. Hathir and Thea are looking for fulfillment with the one person who literally shares half of their soul... it's a very romantic idea and was very well executed in the beginning, but by the end of the story, I didn't feel very fulfilled. Perhaps the story would have benefited if it had been a bit longer, but this is a very creatively seductiveand clever story.

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