Sosa, Raft & Pyramid
I love the dialogue form of the back and forth between foundationalists and coherentists, but it does muddle things. Then the appendix, oy, that needed to be way clearer, particularly in differentiating his virtue reliabilist story from the failings of the two traditional contenders.

Gettier, Is justified true belief knowledge?
Unbelievable. My jaw dropped at the smallness, the modesty of it. Two pages, two examples. Gettier was 36 when he wrote it, and hasn't published since. Is it a good thing he wrote it? Probably. As long as it eventually gets Angloamerican analysts to notice the effect of social and diachronic concerns on justification.

Sellars, Does empirical knowledge have a foundation?
Davidson, A coherence theory of truth and knowledge
McDowell, Knowledge and the Internal
Stich, Reflection equilibrium, analytic epistemology, and the problem of cognitive diversity