My four year old daughter loves these!And SURPRISE! my two year old son will actually sit and listen to one at a time.(Not two back to back though, have to get out a "boy" book after one of these, still, pretty impressive that he'll sit through it!)They are VERY predictable, and not so magical for me, not like "the little white horse" or "the never girls" BUT they are perfect, quick reads for my daughter and a great transition between picture books and chapter books.There are small pencil drawings on most of the pages and every few pages has a full length picture, similar to the Magic Tree House books.She loves them and that is all I care about.I do wish the fairies didn't dress so........trashy.(Really? a cocktail dress and thigh high boots on some of them? These are for young girls!) But I usually skip over the descriptions, or edit them, and we don't spend a lot of time investigating the covers like we would with another book.The rest of the stories are very appropriate for young girls and just magical enough to prompt role playing and imagination.More importantly, we are branching into LOTS of other books due to the realization that she can sit through and enjoy a chapter book like this.YAY!