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Expose 8 is out and it is great, as with the others in the series. The series features digital art.

This volume has 240 pages with contributions from 283 artists. Only 393 illustrations made it from over 6300 entries. There are art from 21 categories - quite a lot - ranging from portrait (painted or 3D), matte painting, sci-fi, whimsical, transport and to even architecture, just to name some.

The work is lavish and detailed. There are lots of character designs and environment as a whole. I love the architecture section with all the beautiful interior designs and rendering. The Whimsical section is pretty fun too.

Other than the art, there's also a Grand Master award, which went to H.R. Giger. Accompanying the writeup are very cool photos of his museum and bar designed with the Alien theme. It's really one of a kind, literally out of the world. You can see skeletal arches, hieroglyphs flooring and other elements designed to the dark imagination of Giger. Very cool.

This is yet another inspiring showcase of art.