Quoted from the book:
"The events of my life are like the rolling of the waves, the changing of the tide, the shifting of the wind-they contain no judgement. My parent's death was not a tragedy, my marriage not a mistake, my career not a miscalculation. They were the course of my days, the pattern of my years, the flow of the life that was given to me, and the I lived it."

Bode leaves the city life to find himself on pilgrimage and became a beachcomber in Miramar. In the course of this middle aged man, he began questioning about his past choices and regrets that made him to live simply at the beach . It's a good read for someone like me who's still in struggle for identity. It's not about knowing where you come from. It's about finding the authenticity of yourself as an individual from the moment when it feels so vague. This book made me questioned about fitting in to being yourself, from regretting to dealing. It made me think about my technicalities as an artist. For people who keep on striving in-style, without even knowing what to strive for. I realize that somehow I'm too. We keep on maintaining an image towards selves, knowing your'e too control until loses your will to be real. 4.5 stars. It's a worth read.