Probably my first formal introduction to Judaism.I read this in seventh grade.

Bought for 25-cents from the withdrawn section at the library.

A favorite quote:

“Religious people tend to encounter, among those who are not, a cemented certainty that belief in God is a crutch for the weak and the fearful. It would be just as silly to assert that disbelief in God is a crutch for the immoral and the ill-read.....Now the belief in God may turn out at the last trump to be a mistake. Meantime, let us be quite clear, it is not merely the comfort of the simple—though it is that too, much to its glory—it is a formidable intellectual position with which most of the first-class minds of the human race, century in and century out, have concurred, each in his own way.....We live in a time when non-belief is in fashion; it has been for about one hundred years. Hence the regular pulsing of rationalist books from popular book clubs and paperback publishers. But this popularity of one point of view should be enough to make any serious man suspicious. Sheep are sheep, whether they are all leaping over the fence or all huddling in the fold.....It is becoming all too clear that—speaking of crutches—Freud can be a crutch, Marx can be a crutch, rationalism can be a crutch, and atheism can be two canes and a pair of iron braces. We none of us have all the answers, nor are we likely to have. But in the country of the halt, the man who is surest he has no limp may be the worst-crippled." — Herman Wouk, from This Is My God: The Jewish Way of Life