Sean and Richard have been best friends beginning as freshmen at college. For quite a while Sean hadn’t noticed anything different about Richard and his other friends, until he found Richard and Frank in flagrante delicto. However, by that time, he was such a close part of their group he simply accepted it and continued on.

Eight years later Sean is proclaiming he is still not gay, but his dreams tell him differently. Ever since his last failed relationship crashed with the lady telling him he spent more time with his gay friends than with her, it’s not centerfolds haunting his dreams at night. Now three weeks after his “coming-out” drunken announcement during his birthday celebration, his friends have dragged him to Brad Hennessey’s Hard Delights Amusement Park, a very popular local gay hangout, on a property which Sean intends to convince his employer to buy out for a casino development. Strolling through the park, Sean is confronted by Dream Man himself, who just happens to be the owner, Brad Hennessey, inviting Sean to visit his private cabin.