I am not a huge fan but I read this because I thought it would be interesting given how well known Fern Britton is in the U.K. - it was an easy read and I did mostly enjoy it.I liked the way that the family aspects were in separate chapters to the TV stuff - it meant you could read about either/or, or both. I was expecting more about depression and more about weight issues and the gastric band decision and less of the TV career but thats not to say I didn't find the TV based chapters to be interesting enough.The one thing I didn't like about the book were the comments about Ulrika Johnsons rape allegation against John Leslie. Whatever the truth (and I am not particuarly fond of Ulrika or unfond of John Leslie) I think to say John was her friend and she didn't feel the behaviour fitted with the person she knew would have been enough - the comments about him being good with her kids and therefore not, to her mind, a rapist were irrelevant and naiive - are we meant to assume that rapists are usually poor at dealing with kids or that they do not appear to be normal everyday people most of the time?Those comments shocked me especially as she claims to have been a victim of an assault herself.Overall, the book was good-you will enjoy it if you are a Fern fan, if not, you may enjoy it but don't expect shocking revelations or deep meaningful soul bearing - its not really either of those.