Government Acronym:
Forced Economic United Domestic Alliances Limited

Where everyone is in the game.

When a series of carefully planned terrorist attacks hit the USA, seventeen year old Cam, the daughter of a doomsday prepper, and Jaren, a foster kid she barely knows, head to her father's safe house deep in the Carolina Mountains after their school bus grinds to a halt from an EMP blast.

The glitch in her survival plan comes in the form of a dream from God, telling her to deliver two young kids to their grandfather, the notorious General Mors, who is running the most ruthless cell of the government alliances.

Cam believes God's will trumps everything, including whether she lives or dies.
Eighteen year old Jaren trusts only himself and his growing feelings for Cam. Can he save himself and Cam when she is willing to throw it all away for a dream? Or is there something beyond this world really worth risking their lives for?