I'm sorry, however I have to strongly disagree with both of the people who has reviewed. Allen Walker is changing from boy to man in this story. Before he was a troubled young boy with a lot on his shoulders and now he is becoming a man with the strength to carry the problems of the world on his back. (Spoiler Alert) In all actually his real personality is coming out because after he killed Mana, he assumed a coma like state until finally coming out of it, only to take on the personality of his late father. If you reread the pass manga (somewhere late in the Ark part), in the flash back Allen has a completely different personality, it is his real personality. He is far from aghasty and closer to if not, spunky. As for Mary-Sue, Allen Walker is not a Mary Sue at all. His powers are evolving at a respectable rate and is still defeat-able to the powerful Noahs. The Parasite Type weapon evolves with the character in strength and mind. If you need explaining on the story line please come chat with me and I will gladly help. Katsura is not out of control in her story, and believe me I have seen to some stories spin out of control. Every character has a history which she has tied to together brilliantly in my opinion. The novel isn't just about Allen Walker, which to me, adds depth and interest to the story. To give more personality and character to the other players in the story, gives the reader a wider view of the world of D.Gray-Man. Its more realistic. It eliminates the black and white and good guy vs bad guy view and throws the theme of just survive and what the person is willing to do to survive and where they're morals stand. There a whole alot of grey in this manga. Thank you for allowing me to explain my piece and also if you wondering how I finished this novel before it came out in America, I read it on online. Thanks again, bye!