Andrew Krag, an out-of-work car salesman, leaves his Denver home for a backpack trip into the Snowmass-Maroon Bells Wilderness. When he returns, he discovers that his wife, Leslie, has moved to Italy. She has also put their house up for sale and left him a big cashier’s check. Andrew, faced with a separation that seems more permanent than temporary, moves to Leadville, CO and lands a construction job, one well-suited to his previous geo-tech engineering experience. He easily settles in to his new life and begins a relationship with Sarah, his employer’s niece. Leslie, who suffers from an undiagnosed case of borderline personality disorder, realizes that her impetuous action was a huge mistake and wants a reconciliation at Christmas. Andrew, however, is convinced that their marriage is over and files for divorce. An angry Leslie returns to Denver and meets with her attorney to fight the divorce. She suspects that Andrew is involved with another woman and hires a private detective to dig up incriminating evidence. In Dick Reynolds’ fourth novel, a vengeful wife is determined to achieve her own brand of justice for being treated so terribly. Pursuing a rage-filled “scorched earth” war, Leslie swears that if she can’t have Andrew, no woman can.