I chose to read this book because it is written by a Connecticut author.I happened upon it while selecting books for January's 'Connecticut Authors' display at the library.I want to rate this a '3', but the inconsistency in the writing forces me to rate it a '2'.
This book is different from most books that I've read.It includes mild eroticism set against a search for a missing college student.In this search, the missing student's Dad and roommate team up.Their quest is initially quite fragmented and makes little sense.As the story progresses, a relationship between Dad and roommate develops.It's odd, but the story does become quite intriguing.
I believe this book could have been extraordinary if it had more focus, especially in the beginning pages.For the first half of the book, I was less than impressed with the storyline.For the second half of the book, the story quickly gained momentum, which I appreciated as a reader.At this point I began to view a rating of '3' or '4', possibly!I could envision books being written that follow the main character's life over the next twenty years!That would be amazing!For that to happen though, I think the author needs to find truthful readers who can provide constructive guidance and revisions to drafts, before going to print.And yes, I would read more from this author.