Being top-secret "snatchers" had always come naturally to Taki and Goh. After all, their killer instincts and gorgeous looks meant that no illegal stash stayed hidden for long. But when their well-earned retirement abruptly ends thanks to a call from a former client, these perfect partners must heed the call of duty and slip back into their old roles. Will Taki and Goh ever find their happy ending if their forced to revisit the past?

After a 5-year hiatus Makoto Tateno makes a smashing return with the first-ever print edition of Yellow 2! Taki and Goh are fully primped and primed to get down to business as they search the underworld's most savvy and sinister drug lords. This first episode of the three-part series promises all of the intrigue, innuendo, and pulse-quickening passion that Yellow fans have come to crave, so snatch it up and spread the word: Yellow's favorite duo is back!