Billy and Ali, ten-year old twins, are running for their lives. In book 2 of the Algae Voices of Azule series, the twins will use their psychic powers to wave their brother from torment and certain death, freeing him from the Voices, but also defeating one of President Macab’s brutal Inquisitors in the process; both accomplishments thought to be impossible. Now, Macab wants to catch the twins and their family, and torture them until he learns how they defeated the Voices and his Inquisitor attack dog. The entire military will be mobilized to find Billy and Ali, but more terrifying, Macab will aim his Inquisitors at the twins and they will do anything to catch their prey. The family will have to flee and hide from the forces of President Macab’s machine of oppression as they are chased across Azule City and into the wild Outlands, where terrors far worse than Inquisitors reside. Their family will try to put together the pieces of their shattered lives as they run from the forces that seek to destroy them. In the end, one of them will have to consider the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep loved ones safe.